China Unicom is always committed to integrating its own development with broader sustainable development to achieve the harmony and alignment of corporate interests and social goals. In 2021, under the guidance of the new development philosophies of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, the Company continued to practically implement national strategic plans such as Cyber Superpower, Digital China and the “Belt and Road Initiative”, etc. and expressed its willingness and attitude to assume the responsibility of sustainable development by formulating the sustainable development strategy system of China Unicom. In the face of the impact of the pandemic, rapid changes in situations and uncertainties in the tough external environment, we bravely assumed the responsibilities of economic, social, environmental and technological innovation, and started a new journey of high-quality development with new positioning and new strategic pattern. As achievements in the opening year, we have demonstrated our new responsibilities in serving the implementation of major national strategies to meet the people’s demand for high-quality life and lead the transformation and upgrade of thousands of industries.

Bearing in Mind the Needs of the Country and Resolutely Shouldering the Responsibility of National Strategic Plans

Adhering to the people-oriented value and fundamental logic, China Unicom accelerated the construction of high-speed and ubiquitous, air-space-ground integrated, cloud-network integrated, smart and agile, green and low-carbon, and secured and controllable digital information infrastructure of intelligence and comprehensiveness, so as to build Cyber Superpower and Digital China through promoting regional coordination development and maintaining network information security.

Committing the Corporate Responsibilities and Steadily Performing the Responsibility of Economic Development

China Unicom supports the development of digital economy and empowers thousands of industries with digital intelligence by continuously enriching the connotations of communication products and services, with a view to vigorously improve network quality and user experience and provide customers with quality communication services. As a “pioneer” in the mixed-ownership reform of central state-owned enterprises, China Unicom has been guided by the market-oriented allocation factors of production, deeply reformed systems and mechanisms and accelerated the establishment of new mechanism that stimulates the vitality of micro entities to better adapt production relations to productivity development, leading to significant improvement in operational efficiency. China Unicom considers employees as the most valuable resources of the Company, it attaches great importance to employees and helps them achieve success, providing them with a broad development platform to promote the comprehensive development of employees and form good vibes for the harmonious development of employees and the enterprise.

Caring for the People and Strongly bearing the Responsibility of Society and People’s livelihood

China Unicom has always adhered to the people-oriented development philosophy, taking the improvement of people’s well-being and all-round development as the starting point and goal of digital development. The Company effectively connected the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation achievements with rural revitalisation, actively delivered the warmth of public welfare, promoted the common prosperity of the society, and continuously enhanced the people's sense of gain, happiness and security. At the same time, the Company actively implemented the national “dual carbon” requirements to help build a beautiful China and gathered the advantages of all parties to form an integrated and opened collaboration ecosystem to promote the common development of the industry chain.

Insight in the Trend and Deeply Implementing the Responsibility of Scientific and Technological Innovation

China Unicom is committed to becoming the national team in the operation and service of digital information infrastructure, the key force in the establishment of Cyber Superpower, Digital China and Smart Society, and the frontline troop in the integration and innovation of digital technologies. Targeting at serving national strategies and supporting and leading high-quality development, the Company will coordinate development and security, focus on improving demand-driven original technology, source supply, resource allocation, transformation and application capabilities, and accelerate the construction of a world-class enterprise to play a better role as a state-owned enterprise in achieving technology independence and self-improvement and building a modern industrial system.